Italian girl with Slovakian roots makes a clear statement against labeling of people


Italian girl with Slovakian roots makes a clear statement against labeling of people through a series of provocative photographs shot in the center of Bratislava.

Ampersand4ever is the name of the artist, a young italian girl with Slovakian roots. Through her work, she wants to show the world that differences should be embraced in order to overcome the gap between people.

“The main theme of the project is LABELING. It’s so easy to label someone but extremely difficult to get rid of those nasty marks later” explains the artist.

Several pictures are taken in Freedom square in Bratislava where Ampersand poses almost naked in front of a landmark communist statue exposing her own painful labels on her back.

In further photographs of the same topic you will see a slightly older lady posing in front of the piano.

“I’m showing my labels to the world intentionally in Freedom square. The only way to free yourself is by exposing yourself.”

There is an even deeper message to these images. On one photograph the artist washes the stigmatizing labels off someone else’s back as if to show that others can help you to leave your pain behind.. these can be your friends, a partner or even your own children.

The inspiration for her work is derived from her own personal experiences that she has endured through her life.

When asked about her age she instantly and openly replied: “After i recovered from cancer I stopped counting, age became irrelevant.”

Together with LABELS she published a second series of photographs named HOPE. With a cross and a megaphone in her hand she shows the world that we are all equal when facing prejudice and hostility no matter which gender you belong to. She almost appears to be androgynous entity.



Ampersand4ever  a Wikes Hlavatovič